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Details of releases 09 July 2020

  • Removed button image path as images not used for buttons anymore
  • (fix) for add user screen where there is massive amounts of users and custom fields
  • Added version no and link to this page in admin config page
  • 7.2 support removed 27 June 2019

  • (fix) - One-click reports id values were being cached (only affects one click reports)
  • (fix) - SSA fields not working in some scenarios
  • (fix) - cope better when a report has no company context 25 March 2019

  • Support for Sage CRM 2019
  • Support for Sage 100 2019 - CRRuntime_32bit_13_0_23.msi is the updated run-time shipped with the product.

CRRuntime_32bit_13_0_23 is a major update to the SAP Crystal run-time and must be run when installing or updating the product.

4.4.5 27 July 2017

  • Full Official CRM version 2017 support
  • (fix)-updated SAP runtime which fixes .net update issue


This is a link to the SAP Crystal reports runtime. This is needed now to prevent .Net updates from breaking the system paths and this is only needed until the next release out and we ship the updated runtime with it.

Download the link below, unblock the zip file and extract the contents and run on your CRM server.

4.4.4 - March 2017

  • (change)- License Key can be added in the Install Component section of SageCRM
  • (change)- Changes made to IIS should now be automatically completed by the Installer

4.4.1 - Released 21 Nov 2016

  • (change)- Upload a new version of a report from within the report view

4.4.0 - Jun 2016

  • (change) Any number of connections can be set - previous limit was 4. Please note that you must reset all connection link data when upgrading so please note all current connections before doing so.

4.3.0 - Jun 2015


  • Full Official CRM version 7.3 support
  • Fix for custom entities generating word files - bug introduced in 4.2
  • Any parameters called "CurrentUser" and "CurrentUserTeam" are now set based on the current user when mapping is not set up fully
  • Prompt page will auto run reports when no parameters are needed from the user.
  • For 7.3 using ASP pages to cope with layout issues

4.2.0 - Jan 2015


  • New report caching options added in (turned off by default)
  • Removed old PDF install document from installation
  • Parameter persistence added in
  • CRM Parameters support for Date/DateTime added in
  • CRM and Crystal parameters cannot be mixed (one or the other)