From Crystal Manager for Sage CRM

There are configuration options in the "CRViewer/web.config" file

Path to where the PDF files are created

   <add key="pdfExportPath" value="c:\temp" />

Communication default value settings (when the create communication option is set on a report)

   <add key="comm_action" value="EmailOut" />
   <add key="comm_priority" value="Normal" />
   <add key="comm_status" value="Complete" />
   <add key="comm_note" value="Report Generated" />

Library default values when a report is set to PDF

   <add key="Libr_Category" value="Final" />
   <add key="Libr_Type" value="Proposal" />
   <add key="Libr_Note" value="Report Generated" />
   <add key="Libr_Status" value="Complete" />

Global option to turn off the export option in the viewer value="Y" to enable otherwise it's turned off

   <add key="HasExportButton" value="Y"/>

The export button appears as follows