Caching option

From Crystal Manager for Sage CRM
  • Part of new update out Jan 2015

Whilst typically you would not deliver large complex reports over the web there are instances where it is needed.

For example if you have a report that takes 1 minute to run (maybe with some complex SQL command) as the web is stateless any interaction with the report (drill down for example) that posts back to the server will re-run that command. This would make the report unusable so to assist with that we have a caching option (off by default) in the system.

The configuration option (in custompages/crviewer/web.config) is

 <add key="UseCaching" value="N" />

You set this to be

 <add key="UseCaching" value="Y" />

This will create a "cache" folder and store any reports created in here with the name and parameters. Then when the same report is requested with the same parameters the saved version of the report (with the data already in it) will be returned.

Files remain in use for up to one hour and are deleted by the system after 24 hours.

Ideally we recommend that you do not use this but instead follow the Report Writer Recommendations