From Crystal Manager for Sage CRM
  • As of March 2017 (Version 4.4.3) the license key can be added in the Install Component section of SageCRM

   New licensing - The release out in Oct 2015 (currently RC4) will require a new license
   Installation of this license is now via the web.config file (located in folder "CustomPages/CRViewer/"
   Open this file in notepad (or some text editor)
   Find the text
   <add key="CrystalManagerLicense" value="PasteLicenseHere" />
   and replace the text "PasteLicenseHere" with your license

The notes are useful though if ANY of the install process wizard fails. If not, they are not needed.

Upgrading CRM: When you upgrade CRM it typically wipes out the application setting in IIS on the CRViewer folder. So you have to get the latest install (from the portal) and run that. Typically you will not need to reinstall the CRM component file.

Installation steps:

1. Run the wizard and also Install the Crystal Runtime files on the server (Crystal Reports is not required on the server)

2. Install the component

Log on to CRM and navigate to the “Administration”->”Customisation”->”Component Manager”

Add the component to CRM. Browse and click “upload new component”

The component should be displayed in the “Available Components” list

Select the component and click “Install Component”

On the following screen enter the license key

And click “Install Component”

When done your screen should say that the install has been completed

Click “Continue”

You will see then that the component is listed as installed

3. (Note As of March 2017, Version 4.4.3, This part should be automatically completed by the installer) Open IIS. Navigate to the ‘CRViewer’ folder in your CRM install

And select the “CRViewer” folder

Right click and select “Convert to application” (for older versions of IIS you may be required to complete this step via the properties window)

IIS Properties window - click "Create" to create the application

Ensure that the Application pool is the same as the CRM application pool and that the .Net Version is 4.0

4. The ‘CRViewer” is located in the Administration->Email and Documents -> CRViewer

You first off need to configure the settings and database connections. This is done from the ‘Config’ menu.

5. Update the desktop heap - this is required on newer servers

The following registry key can be tweaked to increase the amount of desktop heap. Please double the second and third numeric values, so the SharedSection numbers look like this: sharedSection =1024,6144,1024 as a test.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\SubSystems\Windows\ SharedSection=1024,3072,512